Hatha Yoga: Body, Mind and Energy
Hatha Yoga: Body, Mind and Energy
  • Instructor : Sabira , FitTone
  • Duration : 40 mins
Practices Includes:

*Warming up exercise prior to Yoga practice*

*The popular Tree Pose* = Helps to stimulate balance control.

*Diaphragmatic Breathing Work* = You will find it very therapeutic.

*Surya Namaskar* = Very useful for heart, spleen, throat. Induces a sense of calm and introspection. Increases blood flow. Strengthens, stretches and improves the Prana flows.

*Dhanur Asana* = Posture to tone up the abdominal organs. Looses up the spinal column, strengthens the nervous centres, stimulates the endocrine adrenal, thyroid, parathyroid, etc. Excellent for women. It also helps to slim down waist, hips and stomach.